It took producer Brenden Kent and director Paul Greer six months to shoot “Nitro Warriors,” which clocks in at a little over two and a half minutes, but every second is perfection in this remarkable toy car chase short movie. Like a Hot Wheels version of “Fast and Furious,” this gorgeously shot, incredibly choreographed sequence moves and flows with cinematic momentum through an everyday living room. The only thing missing from this engaging Michel Gondry-like re-enactment of every kid’s car chase fantasy is genuine child-made sound effects: A little kid going “vrrrrrooooom!!! SQQQUUUUEEAAAAL!” is all that’s missing to conjure up blissful afternoons of rolling toy cars across the floor.
If you grew up playing with toy cars, be it Hot Wheels, Matchbox, or the generic brand from the grocery store check out line, no doubt you had something like the below video playing in your mind as you raced, crashed, and peeled-out in your imaginary “car world.” As an avid fan of stop-motion and as a kid who grew up playing with toy cars, this video entitled NITRO WARRIORS serves as both clever animation and a trip down memory lane. A very fast, and dangerous trip, that is.
Check out this action-packed, high-intensity… stop-motion film? That’s right, this badass short created by Vanguard Pictures is a live-action version of every 5-year-old boy’s fantasy: two and a half minutes of fast-paced miniature tire-screeching, soaring jets and speeding trains. It’s even filmed like a real-life action movie, complete with aerial helicopter-style shots. The Plot? The tiny police are in hot pursuit of a mini lime-green mustang in what might be the cutest high-speed car chase ever. Vroooooom. Eeeeeek! Crash. Vroovrooooom.
Come out of some Hollywood movie but would have to pay $12 to see. But thanks to the creative team of Brenden Kent and Paul Greer, you just have to click the play button below and enjoy it for free.
And just to impress you more thoroughly, the two-and-a-half minute film took six months to make and was shot on a freaking iPhone with a Stop Motion HD app.
Watch this incredible tiny car film!
This stop motion muscle car chase is brilliant...
Six months. That’s how long it took Vanguard Pictures to put together this three-minute Chevrolet Corvette/Ford Mustang dual.
Producer, Bredon Kent, and Director, Paul Greer, built the footage using bespoke rigging systems, an iPhone, and an app called Stop Motion Studio. And we think you’ll agree that the results are a little bit brilliant.
Stop reading. Now watch. And tell Vanguard what you’d like see them create next!
It’s a strong example not just of stop-motion work, but of playfully energetic camera work as well. It’s an excellent diversion that gets a lot of mileage out of real-world sound effects placed behind a toy-built universe.
As if we needed any more proof of the power of an everyday cellphone, Brendan Kent and Paul Greer provide this: a three-minute piece of stop-motion animation perfection featuring a cinematic-quality car chase done entirely at Hot Wheels scale, on an iPhone. To replicate your own idea, you’ll need the following: some Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette and random police toy cars, a stop-motion app, some set decorations and six months of planning and shooting — or two months for every minute of video produced. Get cracking.
The cinematic influences in this classic car-chase film are evident: Toby Halicki, John Landis, Rankin/Bass. We’re just thankful that the filmmakers had the resources, the funding, and, well, the time on their hands to execute this tour de force. Not to mention one awesome Matchbox collection.
Several conclusions might be drawn here:
A) This is the stupidest video in the history of the Internet.
B) This is the greatest video in the history of the Internet.
C) Both.
The important thing is that Kent and Greer were able to get in touch with their inner 11 year-olds and get this film mad