Nitro Warriors: A Stop Motion Animated Film

A super-charged Ford Mustang is under hot pursuit by the law and throws them off its tail one by one, but it may have met its match when it comes up against a mysterious black police Chevy Corvette... 

This stop motion action film using toy cars took 6 months to shoot for just under 3 minutes of film

Produced by Brenden Kent 
Directed by Paul Greer

A Vanguard Pictures Production

BBC Top Gear "This stop motion muscle car chase is brilliant"
MSN "Every second is perfection"
Film School Rejects "Director Paul Greer has crafted a thrilling car chase"
Yahoo "Animation Perfection"
Joblo "A very fast and dangerous trip"
Ain't it Cool News "Kicks the hell out of reality"
The Morning Show "A car chase like you've never seen before"
Dailymotion "Thrilling"
Hot Wheels "Sweet video"
Laika House "Brilliantly entertaining"
One Cool Thing A Day "Epic"
Boldride "The most epic stop motion car chase in history"
Motor City "A masterpiece"
iMotor Times "Puts Hollywood to shame"
Street Legal TV "Captures the joy of toy car cop chases"
Autoblog "Epic stop motion film"
The Atlantic "Has all the tropes of a Hollywood getaway scene"
Forces of Geek "Pulse pounding action"
Top Speed "Three minutes worth of awesome"
Car Buzz "See for yourself to believe"
Animal New York "Cutest high-speed car chase ever"
Euromaxx TV "Impressive"
Power FM "Truly unbelievable"

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