Hot Wheels and Vanguard Pictures proudly present ‘Nitro Warriors: Dare to Connect’

Two high-octane race cars embark on an epic journey at breakneck speeds across the rocky, treacherous terrain of Jurassic Falls.
With iconic Hot Wheels tracks guiding them along the way, the racers are powered by mysterious and mythical statues called the ‘Megaliths’ that take them on a perilous adventure through land, sky and beyond...

After the critical and awarding-winning success of the Nitro Warriors series, Hot Wheels have partnered with Vanguard Pictures to produce the next episode in the epic Nitro Warriors saga. Six months in the making, and featuring a selection of the latest Hot Wheels toys, the production team used specialised camera equipment to get closer to the action. 
Vanguard Pictures developed new technologies for the film that included magnet animation systems and robotic camera rigs to create cinematic visuals rarely seen in stop motion photography. More than 25000 shots were taken to bring this stop motion film to life. Huge ‘miniature’ sets, models, digital FX and 3D printing technology were used to create the fantastical world of Jurassic Falls. 

Animation  Allan Canfield  Brenden Kent  David Smith | Lead Animator / AD  Victoria Smith
Technical Engineering  David Smith | Miniatures & Modelling  Geoff Cartwright
3D Sculpture Designer  Ian Pickering | Sculpture Paint Finishing  Tom Gaw
3D Print Services  3DPrintUK | Set Design  Elena Lanzoni  Abby Louise Price 
Design Assistants  Louise Fairnie  Allan Canfield  Victoria Smith
Visual Effects  Composite London | Janusz Murawski  James Knopp  Jonson Jewell
Digital Matte Painter  Lisa Ayla | Visual Effects Supervisor  Andy T
Sound Design  Peter Rolls | Music  Audiomachine
Produced by Vanguard Pictures on behalf of Hot Wheels
Written and Directed by Paul Greer

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